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Our Clients

Griffin Property Management, LLC in Chevy Chase, Maryland works with homeowners, investors, and entities representing ownership of residential homes and condos in the areas of Charles, Prince George's, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel Counties of Maryland. As an industry leader, we provide high-quality customer service that is both reliable and affordable.

Even though most of our clients do not want to be involved in the day-to-day management of their property, they still want to be informed of what is going on with their properties. That is why we provide our clients with 24-hour online access to their property management account. 

Property Management Account

Through the property management account, you will see when payments have been made in real time. You can also check the status of new, pending, or closed service requests and monitor the inner communication between the tenant (making the request), property management (coordinating the request), and the repair technician (resolving the request).

With this system, you can generate a number of financial reports all with just a press of a button from any stationary or mobile device with internet connection.

If you simply would like to opt-out of dealing with late night repair calls or the hassle of non-paying tenants, then Griffin Property Management, LLC offers the right solution for you.

Our Approach

Griffin Property Management, LLC uses a unique approach to customer service that makes all the difference in the quality of our services. We maintain an optimum number of clients representing no more than 50 properties at any given time. This concentrated approach allows our team to provide both owners and renters with the most personalized customer service experience possible.

Our approach to customer service combined with our industry-leading, cost-saving measures allows us to pass on significant savings to our clients. Our pricing is practically unbeatable! We encourage property owners to pass these savings on to prospective renters as moving-in specials for vacant units or occasional discount incentives encouraging current tenants to stay.

This method increases the pool of qualified renters seeking your property while reducing the time it takes to turn over the property with the end result being a win-win for all!


Our management fee is a low rate of 6% with a maximal amount of $125 of rent collected. Compare that to the industry standard of 8% - 10%. In addition, we do not charge signing fees or require upfront payment. We get paid when the job is done!

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